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Information for dealers and representatives of trade equipment

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Company Computer Technology Center announces the expansion of its dealer network in the regions of Russia.

We offer favorable conditions for cooperation dealers for the supply of commercial equipment and equipment for bar-coding. This burgeoning market segment growing areas of IT technology and you are in the region will have the advantage of sales and deliveries. We would work with you to develop a joint plan and help you implement it. The "Computer Technology Center" provides tangible support to dealers, combining flexible pricing system, advertising and media support.

Equipment to our dealers delivered from a warehouse in Moscow and St. Petersburg as soon as possible, with a different set of services for delivery, which makes our partnership mutually beneficial and friendly.

If you want to invite us to sell your products. We are continuously improving our product and does not plan to stop there level, so we are looking for suppliers But not only well-known brands, but little known, but with great potential.

Department purchase of our company, otnesutsya is especially important to your proposal.

Depending on your product we can develop joint actions to increase sales of your products.

All requirements and conditions for cooperation in more detail you can learn from our managers sending a request to the Procurement Division.

Today - business equipment market is experiencing rapid growth, pospevaya the growth of trade in general. Entrance into the market for companies - providing services to automate business - yet simple and very attractive. CT Center offers to seize the opportunity and time to take a niche in this market.

We offer the following equipment: label printers, scanners, bar code data collection terminals and access point, Wi-Fi for them, check printers, printing checks, etiketpistolety, Processing labels, protivokrazhnoe equipment, payment terminals payment , Electronic balance, trade balance, materials for KCM and label printers, as well as cash registers KKM, tax collectors and Pos-terminals and pos equipment. All equipment from well-known brands: Symbol, Opticon, Zebex, Metrologic, PSC, ZEBRA, Citizen, Casio, DataMax, etc. On our site you can find detailed information on products supplied by us, as well as familiarize themselves with the content of the advertising package. Contact by phone. 8 (495) 211-57-93, for E-mail: info@firma1c.ru or on our website: Shtrih-Center.ru

Our partners can have 3 status:

  1. Integrator - partners in the purchase of equipment for projects of integrated automation of the end user.
  2. Distributor - partners in the role distributor equipment in the region
  3. Representation - partners in the role of the equipment, working under a single brand

What is the status Integrator?

  • Partnerships price range of business equipment
  • Flexible pricing conditions
  • entire range, which may be needed projects for automation from a single supplier
  • Support partner with the participation in the tender
  • technical advice on the use of equipment in the systems automation (connection setup)
  • Dealer prices for software to automate the retail and wholesale
  • Receiving orders 5 days a week


What is the status of Distributor?

  • Distribyutorskie prices on the entire range of commercial equipment;
  • personal manager, who oversees all organizational and financial issues related to the supply of equipment;
  • Placement on the site under "contact";
  • technical advice;
  • Free delivery to a transport company or the Moscow representative;
  • Provision of POS-materials supplied equipment;
  • Predostavleniya drive with the catalog descriptions of products for rapid and effective advice to clients;
  • Receiving orders 7 days a week;
  • technical and methodological consulting

What is the status of representation?

  • All the advertising in support of the branch;
  • Ability to work under a single, well-recognized brand;
  • Providing responsible manager, who oversees all organizational and financial issues related to the supply of equipment;
  • Placement on the site under "contact";
  • technical advice;
  • Provision of POS-materials supplied equipment;
  • Receiving orders 7 days a week;
  • technical and methodological advice
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